360° Data Hub

Gain control over your factory data!

You want to combine and aggregate data from different sources of your factory to take better decisions or trigger actions? With the 360° data hub of i-flow this is now possible even without any programming skills.

Intuitiv, no-code & scalable.

Take over control!

Data and information management ist the backbone of each factory. 3 good reasons why you should take over control today.

10x faster

Specify requirements and wait for the implementation by IT? Not necessary! Aggregate and combine data intuitively via drag & drop. Define automated actions with just a few clicks.

5x cheaper

Setting up expensive IT projects? Not necessary! Make factory data actionable without a single line of code. By using the intuitive 360° data hub putting data into action is as easy as never before.

100% clean

Time-consuming data cleansing? Not necessary! Due to factory-wide standards (e.g., of data models and naming conventions) all data is ready-to-use for analytics and AI algorithms at any time.

Combine flexibly data from different systems.

Most of the time data from systems inside factories have to be transformed, normalized, aggregated or combined with data from other systems.

Only then you can create real added value!

With the 360° Data Hub you can create complex data flows via intuitive drag & drop, visualize your results or trigger automated actions. Flexibel! Without one line of code!

Analytics based on clean data.

Datenbases must be set-up and administrated optimally and individually per use-case. Strict standards must be adhered to in order to make data interpretable.

Only then you can create real added value!

The 360° Data Hub sets up automatically the optimum database system per use-case. Configurable standards set the rules and ensure highest data quality. Simple! Without specific expertise!

Numerous connectors simplify the interconnection of your factory

The uitilization of various maschines, sensors and software systems facilitates daily routine within factories worldwide. With i-flow you can connect these systems intuitively due to numerous standard connectors and process their data.

The constantly growing library of available standard connectors includes all established industry applications and protocols.

Oftentimes digitalization does not fail due to lack of good will, but because of time and money.

With the 360° Data Hub of i-flow you transfer implementation and operartion responsibility to the process experts of your operating departments. Your IT configures the underlying data governance and compliance rules.

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