About i-flow

We have been engineers.

Once we worked as engineers for a globally operating corporation. Our task: The digitalization and automation of producing factories.

With i-flow we tackle the main challenge we faced back then: A scalable data management across the value chain to ensure consistency and accessibility of data while satisfying data security and norms.

i-flow - the solution from someone,
who knows the pain.

We have one thing in common: We experienced on a daily basis what it means to carry out long-lasting IT projects in order to combine, aggregate and process data of different systems, make data accessible and essentially connect the factory.

The solution: Democratization of data management. Soon working with data is part of everyday life of a factory engineer!

Daniel Goldeband

Timo Vormweg

Christoph Sauerborn

Part of Stanley + Techstars 2021 Accelerator Programs

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