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Partner with us to make your clients want to buy more from you. With i-flow, you can enable them to use emerging technologies at scale.

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About i-flow

We enable manufacturing companies to use emerging technologies at scale.

Define reusable data models based on your product portfolio to standardize data in your clients factories coming from manufacturing, assembly and logistics.

You can add new assets to your clients i-flow instance in minutes. This makes real interconnection possible and finally accelerates the digital transformation of your clients factories. 

Operation technologies already produce tons of data – but there is almost no value in it today. Real value comes from contextualization, transformation and the usage of data in additional systems. With i-flow, your clients will immediately be able to see the value of data coming from the shop floor.


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With i-flow you will be able to sell emerging technologies to more potential clients.

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You will be rewarded for every client you refer to us - for life and for any revenue.

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Limited capacity.

What the Industry Says About Us

I once was an engineer

Not long ago, I – Christoph Sauerborn – was an engineer myself and responsible for Industry 4.0 in a large manufacturing corporation. But I always had this one problem:

Making use of data from operations of our factories was time consuming and expensive. Instead of implementing sophisticated use-cases I had to take care to get access and clean the data.

The worst part:

Most of the time I couldn’t understand what the numbers mean in the dataset because every single engineer does it in a different way. 

The reason: data was not standardized in our factory.

I share this tale of woe with my co-founders. That’s why we decided to leave the corporate world and make a change:

Making it simple and cheap to scale industry 4.0 and new technologies – access to these should not fail due to expensive integrators or overburdened IT departments.

With our tool engineers lay the ground to use data at scale without deep IT knowledge. Clean and simple to access data from anywhere.

Sincere, Christoph Sauerborn, Co-Founder of i-flow

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Informationsgespräch Partnerprogramm

Gerne senden wir Ihnen Terminvorschläge für ein unverbindliches Informationsgespräch zu. 

Was Sie in dem Termin erwarten können:

  • Vorstellung von i-flow
  • Vorstellung des Partnerprogramms
  • Ablauf einer Partnerschaft
  • Klärung von Fragen
Ich freue mich, Ihnen in einem persönlichen Gespräch mehr über unser Partnerprogramm erklären zu dürfen und Ihre Fragen zu beantworten. Bis bald!

Partner program - information call

We will be happy to send you appointment suggestions for a free informative meeting.

What you can expect in the meeting:

  • i-flow presentation
  • Presentation of our partner program
  • How a partnership looks like
  • Questions clarification

I am happy to explain more about our partner program in a personal conversation as well as to answer any questions you may have. Speak to you soon!