Data scientists

Data analytics & AI projects
implemented in the shortest possible time

Implementing data analytics or AI projects with factory data takes tons of time and requires lengthy data preparation. With i-flow you can make use of factory data immediately.

Accelerate time-to-value

With reusable use-case definitions.

No more wasted time

By minimizing recurring data preparation tasks.

Effective collaboration

OT teams contextualize factory data for you.

Save cloud resources

Through pre-processing of factory data at the edge.


Success through collaboration

Questions? We have answers.

How does i-flow help me achieve faster OT projects?

i-flow is a tool that creates clean and accessible data from factories in a simple way thanks to its revolutionary ease-of-use. Data cleaning is a thing of the past.

Is i-flow an IT-Tool or a tool for factory operations?

i-flow closes the gap between factory operations and IT. Because both, IT and process experts in factories work with i-flow, coordination paths become shorter and the quality of the solutions increases leading to higher added value.

Why should I use i-flow?

With i-flow, you can focus on the important things – generating insights from factory data. Access contextualized and harmonized data, process data at the edge for use in your use-case.

Data analytics & AI without annoying data cleaning.

i-flow helps you to carry out your data analytics & AI projects in less time and without annoying data cleaning.

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