Data scientists

Data analytics & AI projects
implement in the shortest possible time

Implementing data analytics or AI projects with factory data takes a lot of time and requires lengthy data preparation. With i-flow you can make use of factory data immediately.

Accelerate time to value

With shorter coordination processes and cleaner data.

Minimize wasted time

By minimizing recurring data preparation.

Easy OT collaboration

Work on clean data with OT teams in one tool.

Just work with OT data

Through a central access point to OT data.


Success through collaboration

Questions? We have answers.

How does i-flow help me achieve faster OT projects?

i-flow is a tool that creates a clean and accessible database from factory data thanks to its revolutionary ease of use. Data cleaning is a thing of the past.

Is i-flow an IT-Tool or a tool for factory operations?

i-flow closes the gap between the factory and IT worlds. Because both IT and process experts in factories work with i-flow, coordination paths become shorter, the quality of the solutions better and the added value greater.

Why should I use i-flow?

With i-flow, you can focus on the essentials – generating insights from factory data. Access contextualized and harmonized data, process it on the edge, and then use it in your use case.

Data analytics & AI without annoying data cleaning.

i-flow helps you to carry out your data analytics & AI projects in less time and without annoying data cleaning.

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