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Slow industry 4.0 adoption?
Not the case with i-flow.

Industry 4.0 projects often progress slowly. Once implemented in a pilot, the rollout is difficult. i-flow changes that and enables your projects to achieve a 5x faster ROIrevolutionary simple.

No more wasted time

By minimizing recurring data preparation tasks.

Accelerate time to value

With reusable use-case definitions.

I4.0 at OT and IT level

Through collaborative work in both worlds.

Empower all employees

Using i-flow everyone can work with data.


Success through collaboration

Questions? We have answers.

How does i-flow help my team to carry out more industry 4.0 projects?

Effective collaboration between IT and your factories eliminates the need for lengthy and iterative coordination processes. In addition, there is no need for time-consuming data preparation due to harmonized factory data. Definitions that have been created once can be reused in future use-cases.

Is i-flow an IT-Tool or a tool for factory operations?

i-flow closes the gap between factory operations and IT. Because both, IT and process experts in factories work with i-flow, coordination paths become shorter and the quality of the solutions increases leading to higher added value.

Why do I need i-flow?

Industry 4.0 projects often progress slowly or do not make it beyond pilot status. The positive effects on the factory key figures cost, quality and delivery remain limited. i-flow changes this fundamentally by solving the problem at the root: heterogeneous and poor quality factory data.

Spend time on the important things.

i-flow enables your teams to collaborate across departments and plants. Increase efficiency through collaboration.

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