Integration engineers

Difficult integration into IT?
Not the case with i-flow.

Reducing costs, improving quality and adherence to delivery dates – Industry 4.0 promises that. i-flow makes it possible to achieve these improvements 5 times faster.

Enable Industry 4.0

By drastically simplifying the implementation.

Easy OT collaboration

Use of defined modules and access from IT.

Shortening of downtimes

With transparent information and alarms from the shop floor

Optimization of KPIs

With Industry 4.0 solutions optimized with process knowledge.


Success through collaboration

Questions? We have answers.

How can I optimize my production with i-flow?

i-flow enables a fast and comprehensive integration of factories in the IT – not only in pilot projects, but beyond. Tried and tested solutions can be used much faster and manufacturing processes can be optimized.

Who should optimally use i-flow in my company?

The use of i-flow is less tied to specific departments, but rather to competencies and responsibilities. On the IT side, this is typically a use case expert (e.g. data scientist) – on the factory side, these are experts who build the machines, Know systems and processes (e.g. maintenance).

Why should I use i-flow?

Connection the factory leads to transparency and automation. Process experts from the factories are required to implement this. In most cases, however, there are not enough resources available for this. With i-flow, basic tasks are automated and communication with IT is simplified. Faster progress with fewer resources.

Better decisions thanks to better data.

i-flow helps you to use new technologies faster and cheaper – so that you have more time for the important things.

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