Use-Case: Manufacturing & Logistics

Increase the speed of your Industry 4.0 projects!

Connecting machines, databases and applications takes a lot of time. i-flow drastically simplifies the process, thus accelerating Industry 4.0.

Digitalisation is expensive and slow? Not the case with i-flow.

Are you responsible for interconnecting your factory? Then you are familiar with the problem. A seemingly straightforward requirement such as the automatic feedback of production & delivery orders in MES and ERP or the reconciliation of stock levels to ERP demands lead to expensive and lengthy IT projects. With i-flow, that’s not the case.

IoT with deep IT-knowledge.

The rapid realization of IoT projects often fails due to the availability of IT experts or the high costs for external IT service providers.

Using predefined standard connectors, you can easily connect applications and devices yourself and let data flow.

Information flows per drag & drop.

Connect different IT systems such as databases or MES and ERP systems with each other or with shopfloor devices such as machines, warehouses and sensors. You can easily define the mapping of the data points to each other and the further processing of the information using drag & drop – all by yourself.

Databases with few clicks

Create the right database for each use case easily with a few mouse clicks and store critical raw data and processed process data (e.g. KPIs).

i-flow’s intelligent data wizard suggests the most suitable database technology, table structure and naming convention already.

80% faster

Don't wait for your IT or external IT service providers. Just interconnect yourself!

80% cheaper

No more digitalization projects with external IT providers! Just interconnect yourself!

Is i-flow the right solution for your use case?

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Data- and information management The backbone of every factory.

The backbone is in the hands of expensive IT experts and ismanaged through long-term projects? With i-flows 360° data hub, literally every employee of your factory can become a data manager. Learn more about our use-cases.

IT responsibles
Improve the quality, protection and security of your factory data by defining the business rules for your organisation.
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Plant Management
Make decisions based on comparable data by setting standards for processing of shop floor data.
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Other divisions
Exploit the digitalisation potential of your entire factory by breaking down and integrating data silos in your divisions.
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