Developed for the industry. Made for progress.

The i-flow software enables companies to connect factory systems in the simplest way. And thanks to edge-first technology, absolutely efficient.

Industry 4.0 enthusiasts love i-flow

Simplicity by Design

i-flow was developed with a clear focus: maximum user-friendliness. Our customers create dataflows without being slowed down by technical complexity.

Unlimited Connectivity

Equipped with over 200 connectors to common industrial systems, i-flow minimizes effort and accelerates integration into existing processes.

Real-time Monitoring

i-flow provides important real-time insights into your data flows, making it easier to maintain, optimize and fine-tune your digital ecosystems.

How i-flow seamlessly scales with your requirements?

IIoT data

connect, harmonize & integrate

Simple integration - without wasting time.

Connect dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of heterogeneous factory assets – up to 10x faster than today. No matter whether directly to the PLC or via OPC UA. Best of all, using AI algorithms, i-flow relieves you of tedious and repetitive tasks.

IIoT data

connect, harmonize & integrate

107 °F
41.67 °C
"temp_1": "122.24 °C"
122.24 °C
33.25 °C
[t:84 .4]
84.40 °C

Chaos - that was yesterday.

Different systems deliver the same parameter in different protocols and formats? The i-flow software harmonizes data from your shopfloor at the edge. This is how scalability works.

IIoT data

connect, harmonize & integrate

Data processing - even without programmers.

Don’t waste time and resources. With reusable templates, you can transform, aggregate and combine data from different systems across sites.

How can Industry 4.0 be made scalable?

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