Developed for the industry. Made for progress.

The i-flow software makes it possible to organize shopfloor data in the simplest way. And thanks to edge-first technology, absolutely efficient.

The product for the fastest in the industry.

No-code application

Connect factory systems and scale IIoT use-cases without writing a single line of code.

Next level data processing

Process shopfloor data easily and reliably. Noloss of data in case of system failures.

On-premise at the edge

Process shopfloor data in your secure on-premise environment directly at the edge.

Do you want to be among the fastest?
We show how it works.

i-flow Software Overview

This is how it works

Data Models in the i-flow Software for IIoT Integration
Data Model in i-flow for Organising Different Aspects

Standardize data

Define reusable data models to describe data and properties of your factory systems and how they relate to each other. This is how you standardize your data basis for your IIoT use-cases.

i-flow mapped machine data
Mapped variables

Harmonize data

Simply map live data ouputs from production lines to a previously created standard data model via drag & drop. Get consistent data from all sensors, machines and factories – regardless of individual output protocols and data structures.

Data flow in i-flow
Connection mechanisms for factory machines for IIoT integration
i-flow flow status header

Prepare data

Prepare data from the shopfloor for your use-cases by using standard processors. Transforming, aggregating and combining data from different systems becomes a piece of cake.

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