On Premise Data Management

The i-flow Edge software runs in all kinds of factories - either directly on the Edge or on virtual servers. And completely containerized.

Your company, your rules.

On-Premise Component

Install the i-flow Edge instance on-premise to pre-process factory data with the highest possible efficiency.

Central hub for scalability

Distribute data models, data flows, and machine definitions across edges via i-flow Hub.

AI & Edge-To-Cloud

Implement predictive use cases using your preferred cloud environment – securely thanks to edge-to-cloud technology.

You want State-of-the-Art technology?
Possible with i-flow.


We understand you. And your machines,
Sensors, databases, ...

South Bound Connectivity

With i-flow you can connect data from a wide range of machines, plants and sensors. Depending on the use case, we rely on modern protocols such as OPC UA or MQTT, or read data directly from common controllers.

North Bound Connectivity

Combine machine data with data from higher-level systems such as MES, ERP or databases. We support most common IT systems – so there are no limits to your use cases.

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Data Security is in the DNA of our product

When it comes to protecting your data, we go to great lengths.

Highly secure data centers: If you use our infrastructure (optional), your data is stored exclusively in highly secure data centers. Our service partners are ISO 27001 certified and offer SLAs for 99.9% uptime to avoid downtime.

Secure data transmission and access control: We use state-of-the-art encryption techniques, contemporary best practices e.g. for access control and user management.

We would be happy to explain our comprehensive security concept to you in a personal meeting.