Use the 360° data hub

to work with data by simply
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Gain control over your factory data!

Data and information management has never been easier. Consistent for the entire factory!

You want to combine and aggregate data from different sources of your factory to take better decisions or trigger actions? With the 360° data hub of i-flow this is now possible even without any programming skills.

Manufacturing & Logistics
Automize manual processes by combining data of your equipment and software systems (e.g., automated goods ordering by comparison of demand and stock data of your warehouses)
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Maintenance & Repair
Save time and money by connecting new equipment with your factory IT yourself (e.g., error data of machines with existing alert or ticket system)
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Improve euqipment and process quality by store and aggregate relevant data (e.g. number of failures per material number and per process step).
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Improve quality and accessibility of data by defining business rules and standards for your factory (e.g., data models, naming conventions).
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Take over control!

Data and information management ist the backbone of each factory. 3 good reasons why you should take over control of your backbone today.

10x faster

Specify requirements and wait for the implementation by IT? Not necessary! Aggregate and combine data intuitively via drag & drop. Define automated actions with just a few clicks.

5x cheaper

Setting up expensive IT projects? Not necessary! Make factory data actionable without a single line of code. By using the intuitive 360° data hub putting data into action is as easy as never before.

100% clean

Time-consuming data cleansing? Not necessary! Due to factory-wide standards (e.g., of data models and naming conventions) all data is ready-to-use for analytics and AI algorithms at any time.

Supported technologies

Via standard connectors integrate data silos, machines and software systems with just a few clicks into your IT envioronment.

Data security. For us, this is more than a matter of course.

We know how valuable your data is. That’s why we protect them with a multi-level security concept based on state-of-the-art technologies.

Learn more about how we ensure the protection and security of your data – we would be happy to talk to you personally.

Is i-flow the right solution for your use case?

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