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Complex data handling between OT and IT? Break through the complexity with i-flow's Industrial Unified Namespace (UNS) and orchestrate data across factory boundaries - revolutionary simple! i-flow is more than just a tool. i-flow is empowerment.

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A heterogeneous OT/IT system landscape slows down your ambitions? Seamlessly connect all systems with over 200 i-flow connectors.


Why waste resources on complex data integration? Focus on the essentials with i-flow’s innovative low-code technology.


No more individual integration projects! With i-flow, you now receive clean factory data via a single, event-based interface.

All other tools were too complex. This is where i-flow really stands out. By far the most intuitive software on the market.

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400 millionen productive
i-flow operations per day

All that matters to us is the reliable processing of data in critical production environments. 400 million daily i-flow operations not only demonstrate the scalability and robustness of the i-flow software but also the trust that companies place in our solution.

Whether it’s PLC, sensor, or ERP data, i-flow forms the basis for a modern shop floor architecture in manufacturing companies.

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How i-flow seamlessly scales with your requirements?

Industrial Unified Namespace (UNS)

Unify the heterogeneity of your industrial data landscape in one central location – one interface, unlimited possibilities.

i-flow solves your challenges when integrating OT & IT systems.


Interoperability thanks to unified data in a central MQTT broker - independent of the source protocol.


Efficient real-time communication between OT and IT systems using MQTT publish / subscribe.


Flexible and scalable, thanks to innovative OT / IT system integration based on an MQTT broker.

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Industrial Unified Namespace (UNS) - in simple words.