Case study

i-flow, unleashing new business opportunities at Ruhlamat


Ruhlamat is a renowned manufacturer of automation systems and special machine construction, specializing in the development and production of tailor-made system solutions. With over 30 years of experience, Ruhlamat serves international markets and offers innovative solutions in the areas of card and passport systems, e-mobility, assembly and automation technology. With a strong focus on quality, precision and sustainability, Ruhlamat develops innovative systems that optimize the production processes of its global customers. Through continuous research and development, Ruhlamat stands for technical excellence and efficiency in manufacturing.

"The i-flow software has fundamentally changed our technical capabilities, allowing us to harness the full potential of the data generated by our machines."

Andreas Busch (System Architekt Digital Solutions)


In the connected world of industrial automation, Ruhlamat was faced with an ever-increasing challenge. Customers increasingly demanded seamless integration of machines into existing systems as well as advanced analytics and real-time monitoring to maximize efficiency and productivity. A simple, fast and effective integration solution, e.g. for prototyping and validation, is crucial to meet the increasing demands. However, only limited resources were available, which considerably restricted the exploration of new business areas with customers.


The bundling of the i-flow software with Ruhlamat’s machines marks a decisive step towards innovative machine connectivity. i-flow represents a future-oriented many-to-any connectivity solution and gives Ruhlamat and its end customers a considerable advantage: the ability to quickly and effectively develop data-driven solutions and use-cases (e.g. in the areas of data analytics and artificial intelligence). By using the extensive range of connectors to IoT and big data platforms, i-flow enables fast and flexible validation and productization of various business ideas and solutions.

Realized system architecture:



By integrating i-flow as a software extension for Ruhlamat machines, the customer opened up new areas of business. This included the provision of new connectivity solutions for end customers, which resulted in a major competitive advantage in the market. In addition, thanks to i-flow’s many-to-any connectivity, potential new business solutions can be quickly tested and validated. The result: an accelerated market launch of innovative solutions.


  • New opportunities: development up new business areas.
  • Connectivity advantage: competitive advantages through simplified integration of systems.
  • Accelerated prototype development: Faster creation and iteration of prototypes based on harmonized data.
  • Shorter time-to-market: Shorter time-to-market thanks to flexible and fast integrations.


An excellent collaboration with many possibilities. Ruhlamat has achieved outstanding results with i-flow. Andreas Busch of Ruhlamat says, “The i-flow software has fundamentally changed our technical capabilities, allowing us to harness the full potential of the data generated by our machines and integrate them seamlessly into any system we want. This revolutionary tool has become a game changer for us, simplifying the exploration of new business areas at an unprecedented pace.