i-flow cooperates with the elite university RWTH for digitalization in the textile industry

It is with great excitement that i-flow announces the launch of an innovative partnership with the ITA Institute for Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University. This collaboration marks an important step in the implementation of advanced IoT solutions in the institute’s pilot plant, with the aim of advancing digitalization in the textile industry.

At the heart of this cooperation is the use of i-flow Edge software, which has been specially developed to effectively integrate, harmonize and cleanse data from a variety of machines and systems. By connecting machine data, this partnership enables the creation of new use cases for data processing that are specifically tailored to the needs and challenges of the textile industry.

The primary goal of this strategic cooperation is the automation of business and production processes. This should not only increase efficiency in production, but also help to demonstrate and utilize the extensive possibilities of digitalization in the textile industry. The joint expertise of i-flow and the ITA Institute will create a platform that enables precise, real-time access to data, allowing optimal decisions to be made that increase productivity and quality.

The partnership underlines the commitment of both institutions to be leaders in the development and application of high-tech solutions in the textile industry. By combining the academic expertise of the ITA Institute with the technological innovation of i-flow, a synergy will be created that will enable significant advances in textile technology and manufacturing.

We look forward to bringing about transformative change through this partnership and taking the performance of the textile industry to a new level.

About i-flow: At i-flow, we are dedicated to empowering manufacturers with the world’s most intuitive software to seamlessly connect factories at scale. Over 400 million data operations daily in production-critical environments not only demonstrate the scalability of the software, but also the deep trust our customers place in i-flow. Close cooperation with our customers and partners worldwide, including renowned Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as Bosch, Sto and Lenze, is at the heart of our business.

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