i-flow partners with Optalio for comprehensive Industry 4.0 solutions

Eschborn/Schömberg/Munich, June 26, 2023 – i-flow, a software provider for data management in manufacturing, is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Optalio, the experts in productivity and energy efficiency in production. This collaboration brings together two leading innovators to facilitate and accelerate the scaling of Industrie 4.0 use cases.

Combining the expertise of both companies provides a holistic, easy-to-implement solution for digital use cases that is both affordable and quick to implement. While i-flow ensures the connection and distribution of data from a wide variety of production sources, Optalio provides the appropriate dashboarding solution and generates valuable insights from the collected data together with the customer.

“Combination of our strengths”

“The combination of our strengths gives us the opportunity to offer a unique and comprehensive solution on the market,” says Christoph Sauerborn of i-flow. “By working together, we can provide our customers with an outstanding data analytics solution, while Optalio benefits from fast and cost-effective connectivity to a wide range of machines.”

The partnership will enable customers to benefit from cheaper, faster and comprehensive solutions that come from a single source. The end-to-end solution from i-flow and Optalio enables users to collect, consolidate, and analyze and visualize their machine, process data, and operational data with AI support. The goal is to provide a plug-and-play solution that can be implemented within a very short time.

Europe-wide marketing by the end of 2024

The partners have high expectations for their collaboration and plan to market joint projects across Europe by the end of 2024. In addition, the integration of both solutions will be further advanced to make implementation even easier for the user and to enable a complete end-to-end realization.

The new partnership is in line with the long-term strategy of both companies to further drive the digital transformation in industry and to support their customers in implementing Industrie 4.0.

Contact for more information:
Christoph Sauerborn

About i-flow: i-flow is a software company for data management in manufacturing . The company’s software helps collect data from various devices on the store floor, such as machines and sensors, as well as IT systems such as SCADA, MES, ERP, databases or analytics dashboards. i-flow enables the scaling of Industrie 4.0 use cases through its intuitive user interface and core data harmonization capabilities.

About Optalio: Optalio helps companies increase productivity and reduce energy costs. With its proprietary Production.Suite, Optalio helps its customers respond to new challenges and optimize their production. Their holistic data strategy approach allows them to collect, consolidate, and AI-powered analyze and visualize machine, process, and operational data to make it useful.