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With i-flow software, both factories and IIoT service providers can maximize their success.

Designed to accelerate success


Implement your use cases company-wide according to central standards and minimize the time-to-value of your projects.

System integrators & consultancies

Speed up your projects with reusable modules and work system-independently.

Software provider

Get access to machine data and use a harmonized interface to the factories of your customer.

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User overview

How we help our customers


With i-flow, manufacturing companies automate their processes based on factory data. With interfaces to all relevant systems and a revolutionary ease-of-use, you can automate your factory and business processes in no time.

Intelligent data cleaning also ensures that you can make use of the data from all your machines – regardless of the manufacturer.

System integrators & consultancies

Access reusable templates in the i-flow software when realizing your projects. Allow even employees without programming knowledge to connect machine data and realize your projects twice as fast as before.

Software provider

Use i-flow as the universal and harmonized interface to your customers’ manufacturing systems. It’s never been easier to roll out BI dashboards, analytics tools and AI applications to customers. And without any hurdles in terms of data connection.

Save the time spent connecting each machine individually and invest it instead in adding value for your customers.

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